Bioenergy Applications of Cyclo Gearboxes & Speed Reducers

Transcyko 600 Series cycloidal drives are an excellent choice for the high torque requirements of equipment used in bioenergy generation. High overload capacity and shock resistance enable cyclo gearboxes and speed reducers to deliver reliable, consistent results in conditions that lead to failure and breakdowns for traditional gearboxes and speed reducers.

Bioenergy Applications of Cyclo Gearboxes & Speed Reducers

What are the Advantages of Cyclo Gearboxes & Speed Reducers?

Before we look at some specific examples of how cyclo technology can be used in bioenergy, it is important to understand the unique features of cyclo gearboxes and speed reducers that offer advantages over conventional gearbox and speed reducer designs.

What are the three most significant advantages of cyclo gearboxes & speed reducers?

What are the three most significant advantages of cyclo gearboxes & speed reducers?

  • High torque in a compact configuration
  • Very low backlash for precise control
  • Shock resistant with high overload capacity

What are the challenges of Bioenergy & Biomass processing?

Many processes in bioenergy production, especially the use of biomass for energy generation, feature mixing and processing of high and variable density materials. If we think about sludge processing in waste treatment and generation of biogas from waste treatment byproducts, for example, this raises several significant challenges for conventional gearboxes.

Anaerobic digesters rely on continuous mixing of sludge and mixed organic waste materials in large tanks to encourage microbial growth and maximize biogas production. Loads on drive motors and gearboxes starting and stopping the mixers are extremely high in digester tanks, and the low maintenance, high torque, overload resistant cyclo drive is a perfect candidate for these types of demanding bioenergy applications.

What bioenergy equipment uses cycloidal drives?

  • Sludge Pumps
  • Screw & Disk Sludge Thickeners
  • Agitators & Mixers
  • Flight Bars
  • Transfer Pumps
  • Skimmers, Scrapers & Aerators

High torque applications focus enormous strain on small component parts of conventional gearboxes, leading to increased wear and maintenance requirements for toothed gears. The additional problem of variable density mixing, and the possibility of snagging from fibrous materials in biomass processing, increases the likelihood of shock loadings on gearboxes and speed reducers used in the bioenergy industries.

What bioenergy equipment uses cycloidal drives?

Cycloidal gearmotors and speed reducers are an adaptable and flexible solution to the problems of driving heavy duty machinery in the environmentally challenging bioenergy industry, where high torque and overload capacity are required. The durability, distributed wear characteristics, and predictable maintenance of cyclo drives are factors that make them a very cost effective alternative to conventional gearboxes when total cost over the service life of the unit are taken into consideration.

Transcyko: Your Industry Partner For Bioenergy Production

Mitsubishi sludge drying systems chose Transcyko products to meet the challenges of this high torque, demanding application. As well as sludge processing, Transcyko 600 Series cycloidal drives are excellent choices for primary and secondary wastewater treatment, adaptable to a wide range of wastewater and sludge processing uses that form stages of bioenergy production from biomass.

The robust housings of Transcyko 600 Series cyclo drives are readily sealed for environmental protection, both against leaks from the drive unit and to protect internal parts, extending life and reducing maintenance requirements. They are also immune to thermal overload because of the distributed internal load sharing between components. This keeps temperatures low in the continuous heavy load duty cycles of bioenergy processing.

Because cyclo drives can withstand 500% momentary overloads, our cycloidal drives have options for spring loaded or electronic load sensor torque limiters. This protects mixers, gearmotors, scrapers, and flight bars from intermittent high shock loadings that will not harm cyclo drives, but which may damage ancillary equipment.

Ten reasons to choose Transcyko Cycloidal 600 Series Cyclo Drives for bioenergy production:

  1. High torque capabilities for heavy & shock loads up to 500% of rating
  2. Easily environmentally sealed against contamination
  3. Single ratios 6:1 to 119:1, double stage 7,569:1, triple stage c. 1,000,000:1
  4. Durable FC25 or FCD45 housings
  5. Low inertia components enable rapid start-stop and reversing
  6. Reliability, long life and low maintenance reduces TCO compared to other gearboxes
  7. Hardened, ground SUJ2 steel bearings
  8. Predictable wear for maintenance without risk of sudden failures
  9. Electronic or mechanical torque limiter options
  10. Sumitomo compatible for easy maintenance

Cyclo 600 Series cycloidal drives offer a reliable, low-maintenance, option for standardizing the drive units, gearboxes and speed reducers you use across your work site. The flexibility of cyclo drives, in fitting orientation, ratios and torque in compact sizes makes them a perfect direct replacement for a range of different products from other manufacturers. We also ensure compatibility with Sumitomo cyclo drives and replacement parts for maximum convenience.

We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding the challenges our global customers bring to us across a wide range of industrial and commercial backgrounds. We use advanced production processes to manufacture precision cycloidal gearboxes to strict quality control standards. Contact us to discover how our 30 years of experience designing cycloidal drives can transform your bioenergy business.