Cyclo Drives With Flanges For Servo Motors

Cyclo drives driven by servo motors provide reliable, consistent service, high power output, and variable speed in a small compact unit. Featuring higher performance, versatility and lower operational costs than conventional drives, Transcyko cyclo drives are also cross-brand compatible for exchange or parts servicing of drives from other major manufacturers.

  • Versatile & Durable by Design
  • Reduced Operational Costs & Maintenance
  • Cross-Brand Compatible

Precise, Powerful & Compact

Cyclo servo motors are precise, reliable and compact for their power rating. Low backlash and high torque tolerances enable rapid stop/start operation. These features make cyclo servo motors the logical choice for any uses that require mechanical strength with servo flexibility and synchronised operation.

Ideal for a Wide Range of Applications

Standard cyclo applications use fixed speed motors. Cyclo servo motor combinations are more versatile. For example, varying the servo rpm enables a stop-start conveyor system to safely transport items of different weights at the correct movement speed. Cyclo servo motors are becoming industry standards in mylar foil lamination and textile manufacture because of this.

Features of Transcyko Cyclo Drives for Servo Motors

  • High Torque Capability
  • High Speed Reduction Ratios
  • Very High Motor Capacity
  • Cross-Brand Compatibility for Parts & Direct Exchange
  • Low Backlash for Excellent Stop-Start Precision
  • Robust & Very Reliable Cycloid Gearing
  • Reduced Maintenance Requirements
  • Flange Mounting
  • Keyed or Keyless Shafts
Features of Transcyko Cyclo Drives for Servo Motors
Technical Information

Technical Information

  • Peak Torque Allowable: 12,125 lb-in (29.7-1370 Nm)
  • Motor Capacity: 0.4 kW to 18.5 kW
  • Output Shaft Direction: Any Horizontal or Vertical
  • Mounting Style: Foot Mount, Case Mount, Flange Mount
  • Frame Size: 12 Sizes (from 608 to 619)
  • Reduction Ratio: 6:1 to 87:1

Reliability & Long Service Life for Mission Critical Operations

Cyclo drives feature smooth rolling contact between gears that shares the load evenly between components and almost eliminates the possibility of tooth breakage, making them much more reliable than traditional helical gear systems and in a surprisingly compact size.

Cyclo drives are very durable and have reduced maintenance requirements compared to other types of drives. The even wear pattern of cyclo drives enables routine maintenance to be scheduled to ensure minimal loss of production without fear of potential sudden failure.

Transcyko cyclo drives feature motor capacities between 0.4kW and 18.5kW, twice the capacity of cyclo drives available from other leading manufacturers. Combined with high torque capability this allows for large reduction ratios. Transcyko cyclo drives are an obvious solution for the most demanding servo motor applications.


Application Case 1
Application Case 2
Cyclo 1
Cyclo 2

Cyclo Drive With Servo Motor Applications

  • Production Line Conveyors
  • Automation
  • Robotics
  • Food Processing
  • Machine Tools
  • Automotive Manufacture
  • Parcel Handling
  • Textile Manufacture
  • Laminating Machines

Best Cycloidal Gear Motor Support & Service

The efficient support of your products is an important factor in your purchase decision. Our cyclo drives, cycloidal gear motors and power transmission components utilize standard size internal parts that can be replaced with generic components from other brands so parts are always available.

We keep a large stock or parts in our warehouse at all times so we can also rapidly ship cyclo drive and cycloidal gearmotor parts wherever they are needed to get your line back up and running rapidly.

Transcyko Support and Service

What else do our customers use Transcyko cyclo drives for?

  • Cycloidal Drive Gear Motor for Travel Motors in Automated Guided Vehicles
  • Cycloidal Drive Gear Motor for Production Line Conveyor Systems
  • Cycloidal Drive Gear Motor for Chemical Industry Mixers & Agitators
  • Cycloidal Drive Gear Motor for Metalworking Machines
  • Cycloidal Drive Gear Motor for Construction Machinery
  • Cycloidal Drive Gear Motor for Paper Industry Production Lines
  • Gear Motor for Water Treatment Plants
  • Gear Motor for Recycling Machinery
  • Gear Motor for Steel Industry Production
  • Cycloidal Drive Gear Motor for Sawmills and Woodworking Machines
  • Cycloidal Drive Gear Motor for Food & Sugar Industry Production Lines
  • Cycloidal Drive Gear Motor for Heavy Materials Transportation in Rolling Mills

Direct Replacement For Other Manufacturer Servo Cyclo Solutions

High Precision & Quality Controlled Production

Transcyko cyclo servo motors are designed to be compatible with the widest range of existing equipment configurations. Our products can be used as direct, cost-effective replacements for drives supplied by other leading manufacturers including Sumitomo.

Transcyko flange mount cyclo servo motors can be fitted to keyed or unkeyed shafts in any mounting direction, and service components as well as complete units are swappable for other brands without modification.

If adapters are required for output shaft connection we have ensured our designs are easy to assemble so you can fit them yourself or our responsive and expert service support team can do this for you.