Transcyko Invests in Kapp Niles and Klingelnberg Systems for Cycloidal Gearbox Production

Our Transcyko team is proud to unveil the newest additions to our manufacturing floor: the Kapp Niles KX 500 Flex Grinding Machine and the Klingelnberg P40 Measuring center.

These two leading production tools will work together to deliver tolerances down to DIN1 for involute gears and best cycloidal gears on the market and other gear key components. We are also grateful to #kappniles installation team for the commitment and professionalism of their staff in getting the machine installed and properly calibrated for us.

These new machines are part of our ongoing commitment to deliver the highest quality cycloidal gearboxes to our global customers. By investing in the latest manufacturing technology, we can offer even tighter tolerances and more precise gear geometries, meeting the needs of our customers in many industries such as Chemical Production, Food Processing. Steel Manufacturing & many more.

If you are interested in learning more about our precision cycloidal gearboxes please contact us to discover how we can help your business with drop-in replacement solutions for Sumitomo and other products.