Cycloidal Gearboxes & Speed Reducers For Primary Water Treatment & Wastewater Treatment

The complex multi-stage process of water & wastewater treatment can be powered by reliable cycloid gearboxes & speed reducers

Cycloidal Gearboxes & Speed Reducers For Primary Water Treatment & Wastewater Treatment

Water treatment and wastewater treatment takes multiple stages, which can almost entirely be powered by reliable cycloidal drives and speed reducers. There are four main stages to water and wastewater treatment, and in this first of two articles we will be looking at how cyclo drives are an optimal choice for the preliminary and primary stages of the process.

What are the four stages of water & wastewater treatment?

  1. Preliminary Treatment Headworks
  2. Primary Treatment Clarifiers
  3. Secondary Treatment
  4. Sludge Processing

Cycloidal Gearboxes & Speed Reducers For Primary Water Treatment & Wastewater Treatment

Screw Conveyors

Heavy duty gearmotors are necessary to power the augers of screw conveyors. These are used to move fine, coarse, and even compacted grit and sludge from preliminary water treatment processes to trucks for transport to landfill or other final destination. 

Conventional gearbox drive trains often require torque limiters to protect machinery from damage. Cyclo drives and gearmotors offer a reliable and highly torque resistant option for powering screw conveyors in water and wastewater treatment systems.

Transcyko TL Series speed reducers are a reliable and efficient choice for driving screw conveyors. There are two options for torque limiters that can be fitted to the TL Series, either a spring loaded limit switch or an electronic load cell sensor system.

Grit Washing & Collecting

Grit washing and collecting equipment includes a wide range of both vertical shaft systems and screw-type inclined grit removal machinery. The flexible mounting options and compact size of Transcyko 600 Series cyclo drives make them very suitable for general purpose applications of this type where predictable maintenance is an important feature to maintain production flow.
The Transcyko 600 Series cycloidal drives have been a reliable industry workhouse since we started manufacturing them more than 30 years ago. Over the decades we have developed and refined our manufacturing, materials and production processes and technology to make the 600 Series the most dependable and flexible cycloidal drive on the market today.

Main Pumping Station

In wastewater treatment, powerful pumps are required to raise incoming raw sewage to bring it to a higher level than the initial treatment stages. This allows the first stages to use gravity flow to move the wastewater through the  system.

In this critical, heavy duty, operation it is important to be able to rely on your gearmotors and not have delays due to unexpected failures. Customized cycloidal drives are a possible option for this type of continuous, heavy duty and high torque operation because of their unique load sharing characteristics.

Sand Separators

Sand slurry and minerals need to be removed from wastewater, and screw drive sand separators have an important role in enabling this to occur smoothly. Cyclo gearmotors can be used to power the sand separator screw drives 24/7 with maintenance at predictable, defined intervals to suit planned operational downtime.

The Transcyko TZS series of cyclo drives, originally designed for the high loads experienced in centrifuges, are an excellent choice for powering sand separators because of their powerful, robust, reliable operation in the continuous service application of powering screw drives.

Key features of the Transycko Cycloidal Derivatives TZS Centrifuge Drive

  • Single stage high reduction ratio from 6:1 to 87:1
  • High shock overload tolerance
  • 30,000-40,000 Nm maximum output torque
  • Customized designs for more than 40,000 Nm output torque

Bar Screens

Treatment equipment can be damaged by large solids that make it through the preliminary stages. Transcyko 600 Series cyclo gear motors are a dependable and reliable choice to drive the slowly rotating bar screens that employ rakes and scraper arms to extract solid waste and transfer it onto screw conveyors. 

Primary Treatment Clarifiers

Cycloidal Gearboxes & Speed Reducers For Primary Water Treatment & Wastewater Treatment

Rectangular Primary Sedimentation Tanks

Cyclo gearmotors are an excellent choice for driving rotating flight bars in primary clarifiers. In primary clarifiers with rectangular tanks, scrapers and skimmers can also be easily driven by cyclo drives because of their high power ratings and shock load tolerances.

Due to the high torque tolerances of cyclo drives and cyclo gearmotors, torque limiters are often only necessary to protect secondary equipment such as chain drives for flight bars, skimmers and scrapers that might suffer breakage in the event of a blockage or entanglement. The Transcyko 600 Series is perfect for this application, and can be supplied with spring loaded or electronic load sensor torque limiters if required.

Circular Primary Sedimentation Tanks

Sealed cyclo speed reducers are ideally suited to drive the power trains for bottom sludge scrapers as well as the rotating upper skimmers for grease and oil in circular primary sedimentation tanks. Cyclo drives offer highly reliable performance benefits in this type of application that requires slow rotation over a continuous duty cycle. 

The torque generated in circular primary clarifiers is considerable. Overload clutches and torque limiters are a standard additional component in non-cyclo installations because the high torque and slow rotation can damage conventional gearboxes and drives quite easily if there is any obstruction, or simply due to the very high internal gearbox pressures generated. 

Very high reliability and minimal risk of sudden failure are of the utmost importance to avoid difficult and unpleasant repairs. Cyclo drives are easily sealed to withstand the harsh conditions of wastewater processing and the shared load design of cycloidal gearboxes makes them the most reliable choice for this very demanding application.

As standard options that can be easily modified to any custom specification, our technical team are experienced in supplying Transcyko 600 Series cyclo drives with upgraded housing materials and advanced tooth profile designs. These have been industry proven for extended durability and heavy load operation in harsh conditions like those found in primary sedimentation tanks. 

Clarifier Tank Sludge Removal Pumps

Cycloidal speed reducers are a sound and durable alternative to helical speed reducers for positioning between the motor and the sludge removal pump. The flexible mountings and compact installation features of cyclo speed reducers make them easy to install or retrofit to replace less reliable types of speed reducer.

This is an application where our standard Transcyko 600 Series cyclo drives offer off the shelf installation to upgrade existing equipment. The 600 Series is also ideal for new installations to improve the future reliability and reduce the maintenance overheads of sludge removal pumps.

Simplify water treatment with Transcyko 600 Series Cyclo Drives

Cycloidal Gearboxes & Speed Reducers For Primary Water Treatment & Wastewater Treatment

For the majority of preliminary and primary water treatment and waste water treatment requirements our Cyclo 600 Series offer a simple, reliable, single supplier solution that can be used instead of needing to install a complex range of helical, helical bevel, worm gear, parallel shaft, double or triple reduction gearboxes and speed reducers from multiple sources. 

Simplifying your site machinery offers enormous advantages in reducing maintenance costs as well as streamlining workflow. Our cyclo drives are compact and parts are compatible with products supplied by other leading cyclo drive manufacturers, including Sumitomo. This enables you to easily upgrade existing installations.

Discover excellence in design, quality and customer service 

Cycloidal Gearboxes & Speed Reducers For Primary Water Treatment & Wastewater Treatment

Transcyko has extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of high quality cycloidal gearboxes, cyclo drives and cyclo speed reducers. This includes supplying Mitsubishi sludge drying systems. Our in-house technical team can either supply direct replacements for your existing gearboxes and speed reducers or customize the perfect drive for your needs. 

Contact us to discuss how our cyclo drives and cyclo speed reducers can make your life easier in the water and wastewater treatment business. With a Transcyko product you will discover how our precision cycloidal gearbox manufacturing and responsive customer service and support can help keep your site running smoothly.