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Planetary Gearbox Key Features

  • 18 Frame Sizes
  • Gear Reducer Ratios
    • 1 Stage Gear Reducer 3.48:1~7.2:1
    • 2 stage Gear Reducer 12.1:1~51.8:1
    • 3 stage Gear Reducer 63:1~373:1
    • 4 stage Gear Reducer 403:1~2687:1
  • Gear Reducer Efficiency
    • 1 Stage Gear Reducer 97%
    • 2 stage Gear Reducer 95%
    • 3 stage Gear Reducer 92%
    • 4 stage Gear Reducer 90%
  • Gearbox Torque Range: 576~447360 Nm
  • Mechanical Rating Up To 380 Kw
  • Layout Of Axis: Right Angle And Parallel Shaft
  • Ideal For High Reduction Ratio, Inline Installation And Overhung Load
  • Wide Reduction Ratio, High Torque and Compact Size
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Planetary Gearbox Benefits

  • Wide Reduction Ratios - Due to the design characteristics planetary gearboxes can achieve high efficiency and wide ratio in multiple stage combination.
  • Compact Design - Small Size but with high torque output due to the load sharing of the planet gears.
  • High Efficiency Output - Our planetary gears offer output efficiencies of up to 97%
  • Different Lubrication Options - Within the planetary gear series either oil or grease may be used to deliver lubrication throughout the system.
Steel Mill using planetary speed reducers to control the movement of the material through the automated production line

Planetary Gearbox Application

  • Lifting Systems
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Transport Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Mining
  • Engineering Machinery
  • Petrochemicals
  • Construction Machinery
  • Wind Power Generation

Planetary Gearbox Special Features

Due to the nature of the design, the planetary gear system excels at load distribution. Whereas in a traditional gear system it relies upon the movement and transmission between small and large gears, this is not the case in the planetary gear system. In the planetary gear system the load is distributed throughout the planet gears. In this way issues such as broken gear teeth which occur in traditional systems when under heavy loading, do not occur frequently within a planetary gear set.
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Transcyko International Sales Manager

Planetary TP Introduction

Planetary Gearbox Manufacturer

High Precision & Quality Controlled Production

Speed reducers for the transport industry, Petrochemical Industry, wind power generation, steel industry and textile industry are a critical part of the company infrastructure. We have designed our planetary speed reducers so that the components are dimensionally interchangeable with components from other brands. We also make sure to keep a stock of all of the major components so that we can respond rapidly to any parts requests from our customers.