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Cycloidal Derivatives

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Cyclo Centrifuge Drives

Cycloidal Derivatives-TZS

Cyclo Drive Key Features

  • Circular Design
  • High Reduction Ratio 6:1 To 87:1 In One Stage
  • High Shock Overload
  • 30,000-40,000 Nm Maximum Output Torque
  • Customized Design For Centrifugal Applications And For Higher Output Torque More Than 40,000 Nm

Cyclo Drive Applications

    • Centrifuges With A Screw Conveyor For Conveying Solids
    • Oil /solids separation (oil well drilling, refining, de-watering)
    • Pharmaceutical
    • 3. Industrial and biological wastewater treatment
    • Precious metals Recovery
    • Food processing (olive oil, wine, fruit juice)
    • Chemical
3D Image of a travel motor in side mounting design such as used on automatic guided vehicles and platforms

Speed Reducers for Rail Guided Vehicles (RGV)

Cycloidal Derivatives-TCS

Travel Motor Key Features

      • Compact: ½ Of Conventional Helical Gear Drive
      • Light Weight: ⅓ Of Conventional
      • Helical Gear Drive
      • Easy To Apply In Limited Space
      • Low Noise
      • High Efficiency to 95%
      • Long Life
      • High Shock Resistance

Travel Motor Applications

      • Automated warehouse/logistic in heavy industries
      • AGV

Parallel and Right Angle Output Buddybox

Cycloidal Derivatives-TBX Series

Cyclo Drive Key Features

Ratios17.5:1 to 304:1 and greater
TorqueUp to 6840 Nm
HP1/8 to 40 HP
MountingHollow Shaft, Flange, Face
OptionsIntegral Motor, C-Face
StructureCombines cycloidal reducer and a single stage offset parallel helical gearbox or bevel right angle shaft in a rugged integral, shaft-mounted design

Cyclo Drive Applications

        • Centrifuges With A Screw Conveyor
          For Conveying Solids
        • material handling
        • rolling mill table
        • conveyor
        • screw conveyor
        • sortation system
        • shredders
        • rotating biological contactor
        • belt filter press
        • mixer/blender
        • food processing
        • wire drawing machines
AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) operating in a port transferring products with speed reducers

Transcyko International Sales Manager

Cyclo Drives Introduction

Speed Reducer Manufacturer

High Precision & Quality Controlled Production

Transcyko is the number one brand in Taiwan and we have manufactured speed reducers and gearboxes for over 30 years through our brand. We have a close partnership with the Industrial Technology Research Institute to work on the manufacturing and testing processes for our cyclo drives and other products.

This testing and research looks at a range of areas including the following: Rated Frequency, Lost Motion, Backlash, and many others.The results of this research allowed us to optimise