Cyclo Speed Reducer

Cycloidal Derivatives

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Cyclo Centrifuge Drives

Cycloidal Derivatives-TZS

Cyclo Drive Key Features

  • Circular Design
  • High Reduction Ratio 6:1 To 87:1 In One Stage
  • High Shock Overload
  • 30,000-40,000 Nm Maximum Output Torque
  • Customized Design For Centrifugal Applications And For Higher Output Torque More Than 40,000 Nm

Cyclo Drive Applications

  • Centrifuges With A Screw Conveyor For Conveying Solids
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3D image of . travel motor design using speed reducers for AGV and other applications

Travel Motor

Cycloidal Derivatives-TCS

Travel Motor Key Features

  • Compact: ½ Of Conventional Helical Gear Drive
  • Light Weight: ⅓ Of Conventional
  • Helical Gear Drive
  • Easy To Apply In Limited Space
  • Low Noise
  • High Efficiency to 95%
  • Long Life
  • High Shock Resistance
AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) operating in a port transferring products with speed reducers
Paper Mill showing usage of speed reducers to control operation

Parallel and Right Angle Output Buddybox

Cycloidal Derivatives-TBX Series

Cyclo Drive Key Features

Ratios17.5:1 to 304:1 and greater
TorqueUp to 6840 Nm
HP1/8 to 40 HP
MountingHollow Shaft, Flange, Face
OptionsIntegral Motor, C-Face
StructureCombines cycloidal reducer and a single stage offset parallel helical gearbox or bevel right angle shaft in a rugged integral, shaft-mounted design

Cyclo Drive Applications

  • Centrifuges With A Screw Conveyor For Conveying Solids
3D Image of a travel motor in side mounting design such as used on automatic guided vehicles and platforms

Transcyko International Sales Manager

Cyclo Drives Introduction

Speed Reducer Manufacturer

High Precision & Quality Controlled Production

Transcyko is the number one brand in Taiwan and we have manufactured speed reducers and gearboxes for over 30 years through our brand. We have a close partnership with the Industrial Technology Research Institute to work on the manufacturing and testing processes for our cyclo drives and other products.

This testing and research looks at a range of areas including the following: Rated Frequency, Lost Motion, Backlash, and many others.

The results of this research allowed us to optimise

Close up 3D coordinate measurement

Speed Reducer product measurement

Speed reducer manufacturing machinery

Speed Reducer exhibition in USA

Speed Reducer gear cutting machine

Speed reducer precision machining drilling

Speed Reducer Factory manufacturers machinery

Gear Reducer factory in Nanjing China


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