Cycloidal Drive & Speed Reducer Manufacturer

Transcyko manufactures a wide range of speed reducers for different industry applications. Our speed reducers are available in different sizes, ratios, input horsepower, mountings and configurations.
We are committed to the production of high quality speed reducers, cyclo drives and gearboxes. We cooperate with the Industrial Technical Research Institute for the development of the latest technologies and gear reducer solutions for our customers. All of our gear reducers are machined and assembled in-house by our expert technicians to maintain excellent performance, precision and durability.

Speed Reducers for Heavy Industry

There is a Transcyko Speed Reducer for Every Customer Application

We are seeing an increasing demand for automation in all industries. Automation using Transcyko speed reducers is replacing manual and less flexible automated processes to meet this demand. Transcyko speed reducers, gearboxes and cycloid drives add value to customer businesses

Flexibility – Strength – Durability

We also provide Transcyko quality replacement parts for the repair and service of other brands of speed reducer. Transcyko provide best value for new installations, as well as reliable upgrades for other brands. Customers know Transcyko inside means peace of mind outside.
You can add Transcyko technology to your production line for any use that requires a speed reducer or gearbox. Transcyko epicyclic and cycloidal speed reducer products are used in:
  • Travel Motors
  • Robotic Systems
  • Speed Reducers
Our speed reducer products add reliability, sustainability, and efficiency to your production process.