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Transycko manufactures a wide range of speed reducers for different industry applications. Our speed reducers are available in different sizes, ratios, input horsepower, mountings and configurations. Please contact us to receive a customized quote for your gear reducer requirements.

We are committed to the production of high quality speed reducers, cyclo drives and gearboxes. We cooperate with the Industrial Technical Research Institute for the development of the latest technologies and gear reducer solutions for our customers. All of our gear reducers are machined and assembled in-house by our expert technicians to maintain excellent performance, precision and durability.

Heavy Industry Planetary Gearbox

Steel Industry Rolling Mill


At the heart of our business are our tried and tested planetary gearboxes. Our whole range of products provide the core features our customers require.

Flexibility - Strength - Durability

We also provide Transcyko quality replacement parts for the repair and service of other brands of gearbox. Transcyko provide best value for new installations, as well as reliable upgrades for other brands. Customers know Transcyko inside means peace of mind outside.

We deliver the widest range of planetary gearboxes reducers for heavy industry applications. Steel industry customers around the world rely on Transcyko gearboxes to deliver reliable performance and worry free operation. We understand that cost-effective and prompt maintenance is vital to our customers in their business critical applications. We deliver rapid parts replacement, maintenance and servicing for all of our products to keep your business running.