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Our reducers for automation are built on decades of experience and we understand how important the TLB series reducers are to both you and your customers. These are designed to keep running reliably and precisely under the day to day heavy loading of robotic operations using the best possible components to guarantee your production profitability.

Speed Reducer & Gearbox Quality

Precision production and assembly are especially important for our RV series products. Our expert technicians hand assemble and test each reducer to ensure optimum performance for every unit. Our extensive experience with reducers for robotics and automation allow us to deliver first class performance at a competitive price to our global customers.

Robotic Reducer Key Features

  • Large Simultaneously Engaged Gear Teeth
  • Compact - Light Weight
  • Rigid Construction - Heavy Loading
  • Minimal Backlash (As Low As Max 1 Arc/Min)
  • Smooth Motion
  • Accurate Positioning
  • Main Bearing Built-In Type (E Type)
  • Hollow Shaft Type (C Type)
3D Image of a robotic arm that is using the speed reducers to control its movement

Robotic Reducer Sales Point

  • Dimensional Replaceable With Existing Brands Including Internal Parts
  • Economically Benefit To Customers In Terms Of Maintenance, Repair Or Stock Purpose
  • Customized Gearbox Available
  • High Torsional Rigidity & Low Backlash For Smooth Running
  • Short Lead Time

Machine Tools


Industrial Equipment Where Precision Positioning


Factory Robots

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Transcyko International Sales Manager

Robotic Reducer Introduction

Speed Reducer Manufacturer

High Precision & Quality Controlled Production

As the foremost Taiwan speed reducer manufacturer, we have worked closely with the ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) on the development of our speed reducer design and speed reducer production processes.The Institute research carried out was highly detailed and thoroughly analyzed the best speed reducer production methodologies
Many different factors were analyzed during the process including: speed reducer backlash, speed reducer lost motion, speed reducer rigidity, starting torque, rated frequency and many other factors.Our cooperation with ITRI on Speed Reducer research is ongoing and we are working on new testing methodologies for Robot speed reducers and automation systems which allow for efficient testing without sacrificing testing quality.