Banbury Mixer Gearboxes

What are Banbury Mixers?

Banbury mixers are a type of internal batch mixer used in a range of industries. They are commonly found in rubber manufacturing because Banbury mixers can be used for multi-step mixing processes.

The intake and discharge of Banbury mixers can be easily managed and they are an excellent choice for applications where the quality and consistency of the mix is very important.

They are well suited for all standard mixing operations

  • Remilling
  • Final Mixing
  • Masterbatch Mixing

Gearboxes for Banbury mixers are of a standard helical type and must be able to withstand very high loads at variable speeds.

This is because Banbury and other internal batch mixers use rotors that rely on variable speeds and high pressures to mix materials of different densities.

Banbury Mixer Gearboxes For Rubber Manufacturing

Banbury mixers are the most common mixer used by manufacturers of rubber products. Because the mixture is very dense, Banbury mixers require very powerful motors and gearboxes to maintain a smooth and constant flow.

If a Banbury or other internal batch mixer used for rubber manufacturing breaks down it can be difficult to clear blockages and restart the mixer, resulting in loss of production.

Transcyko offers highly reliable gearboxes based on long experience in design and innovation. Our customers can expect our gearboxes to improve the smooth performance of their Banbury mixers.

Transcyko provides a range of gearboxes and drive units that are perfectly matched to Banbury mixers of all sizes. Our products offer a highly competitive alternative for David Brown Santasalo gearboxes in Banbury mixers.

The Transcyko Advantage

  • Single Supplier For All Your Gearbox Needs
  • Service and Replacement of Other Brand Gearboxes
  • Rapid Service and Maintenance Response
  • Gear Design to AS / AGMA, JIS, DIN or ISO Standards
  • Tooth Modifications for Optimal Performance
  • Designed Using Latest Software Tools for Power Transmission Solutions

Rubber Manufacturing Requires Reliability & Efficiency

In the rubber manufacturing and processing industry success and profitability demand reliable and efficient mixing equipment.

Faults in gearboxes and drive units in Banbury mixers and intensive mixers cause blockages that stop production and are difficult to clear.

Rubber manufacturers need to supply consistent and uniform products to customers. As examples, automotive tires and conveyor belts can only be made from high quality materials.

Reliable and efficient Banbury and intensive mixer gearboxes ensure consistency of output to meet customer quality requirements.

We Manufacture All Types of Gearbox

Transcyko Single Supplier Gearbox Solutions

Transcyko gearboxes are highly reliable and we respond rapidly to service and maintenance requests from our customers.

We produce a wide range of speed reducers and gearboxes which enables our customers to meet all their gearbox requirements from a single source.

Contact us today to see how we can meet your gearbox requirements, reduce costs, increase reliability and add value to your production.