Leading Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV) Automation Systems Choose Transcyko Drives

Leading AGV and RGV companies choose Transcyko cycloidal drives because we provide cost-efficient solutions that deliver value over the long term.

Transcyko drive engineering specialists offer solutions & expertise for virtually any automated transportation system challenge on the plant floor. We have over two decades of expertise developing highly efficient, high Speed, durable and cost-effective drive solutions for plant transportation system manufacturers across the USA.

Transcyko cycloidal drives help our customers to keep production costs down and remain highly competitive in the market.

High Reliability & Easy Maintenance

Our drives are also designed for rapid maintenance with a fast and flexible drive assembly process. We also have support locations coast to coast, so we are always there when you need us. We also make sure that our drive designs feature modular components that can be rapidly delivered.

And at Transcyko, we know how critical your system uptime is to your success. That’s why we build our reliable products to industry standards and offer modular drive components for quick delivery; fast and flexible drive assembly processes; support locations coast-to-coast and committed staff near you who will do whatever it takes to keep you up and running with the shortest down time possible.

What Are Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV) Systems?

RGV Systems are fast flexible rail systems which make it possible to transport large quantities of heavy good over long distances at low cost with high efficiency.

RGV systems are vital for Storage, Handling, and Order fulfillment in a wide range of industries. Due to their widespread application, they are also seen as mission critical to daily operations for many large industrial plants.

This means that the reliability of the drive and control systems for these RGV systems is key to their overall operation efficiency and productivity. Transcyko produces the high reliability cycloidal drives which are used in these rail guided systems.

What Are The Advantages of RGV Systems?

RGV Systems are easy to install, highly scalable and easy to maintain. In each system the vehicles can easily be removed and replaced for maintenance or upgrade without affecting the overall operation of the system.

The systems can be set up in linear or circular patterns depending upon the location and production requirements.

  • Scalability
  • Availability
  • Transport Speed
  • Efficient Automated Material Flow
  • Simple Layout for Controlled Distribution
  • Frequent Vehicle Position Updates
  • Short Dead Reckoning Distances
  • Independent Vehicle Operation Possible
  • Heavy Lifting Capacity

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