Planetary Gearbox – Transcyko Drives in Tire Recycling Plants

Planetary gearboxes are a core component of many plants in the recycling industry and this is especially true in for tire recycling plants.

The reclaimed rubber market is growing rapidly and as of 2017 the energy industry and the cement industry have been the two largest users of this material. Tire recycling plants are used to produce reclaimed rubber for the production of a range of downstream rubber products such as cycle tires, belts, gaskets, seals and many more. 

With the massive expansion in the construction industry in recent years, the demand for reclaimed rubber, as an economically viable and sustainable alternative to sand, for construction is growing rapidly alongside it.

Planetary Gearboxes for Rubber Reclamation

This is causing a massive growth in the requirement for rubber reclamation systems such as tire shredders and pulverizers both of which require planetary gearboxes for their transmission systems.

Rubber Reclamation Process

  1. Tire Shredding – Separates Rubber from Steel Mesh
  2. Granulation – Process waste to fine granules in slow turning granulators
  3. Pulverizing – High speed grinders used to produce the final rubber powder

Planetary Gearboxes for Tire Shredding Systems

Double shaft tire shredders contain two counter rotating shafts with shredding “knives” attached, each of these is controlled by an independent gear unit and motor. These planetary gearbox units for tire shredders need to be able to provide high torque output in a compact footprint, be able to connect to both electric and hydraulic motors, and have a wide range of transmission ratios. 

Additionally a wide range of configurations, high availability, and resistance to uneven loads are key for the high volume recycling industry in order to operate profitably.

Specifically for the tire shredding industry, Transcyko has developed the “S” series one to four stage high torque in-line gear units.

High Torque Planetary Gearboxes

Transcyko “S” Series high torque planetary gear units are the perfect solution for all applications that require high torque and compact size on fixed industrial equipment such as shredders and self-propelled machines. 

This series can be configured with many output and input options and also feature a range of standard accessories such as oil coolers and oil level control systems. This versatility allows the S series planetary drives to be configured with both electric and hydraulic motors.

Planetary Gear Configuration For Electrical Motors

Three stage planetary gears are the most common choice for electric motor systems. With the desired motor output speed set between 15-30rpm the gear unit is chosen to deliver the right speed and maximum torque from the electric motor running between 1150 and 1750rpm. 

In electrical motor systems we assume that the required continuous torque will be 70% of the applied torque. We use an application factor of 1.5 for these units and assume 25,000 hours of operation.

Planetary Gear Configuration For Hydraulic Motors

One or two stage systems are the most common choice for planetary drives configured with hydraulic motors. These units are designed to support the maximum motor torque and work at a continuous torque speed. Hydraulic units have an advantage over electrical systems in that they can absorb some of the shock load internally. 

Gear units for hydraulic systems are designed to run on a continuous torque level for 85% of the time and maximum torque for 15% of the time. As with the electrical systems, they are designed with an application factor of 1.5 and a minimum operation time of 25,000 hours.

Offering improved performance in terms of life and quietness, the “S Series” range of Transcyko also possesses these main characteristics:

  • 15 Harmonically Developed Sizes, Up To 447,360 Nm Of Nominal Torque
  • In-line Configuration With Up To 4 Reduction Stages
  • Right Angle Configuration With Up To 4 Reduction Stages
  • Output Versions: Female Splined, Hollow Cylindrical For Shaft Mounting, Male Cylindrical Or Splined Shaft
  • Input Versions With Male Input Shaft, Arrangements For Electric And Hydraulic Motors, Possibility Of Multi Disc Brakes
  • A Wide Range Of Input And Output Standard Accessories
  • Possibility Of Integral Solutions With Gear Units With A Different Technology.

Major dedicated investments, extremely reliable materials and processes, and the positive results of on-site final testing are proof of Transcyko’s commitment and the outstanding quality of its “S Series” gear units. Thanks to company commitment and product quality, Transcyko gear units are able to offer the market increasingly improved performance and more value for money.

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