Ventilation & Pumping Applications of Cyclo Drives in Coal Mining Industries

Transcyko 600 Series cycloidal drives are durable, reliable and very efficient. This makes them an obvious choice for conveyors, crushers, and material handling equipment in global mining industries. Cycloidal drives are also extremely good for ventilation and pumping applications, where 24/7 operations with minimal maintenance are required to maintain continuous production.

Ventilation & Pumping Applications of Cyclo Drives in Coal Mining Industries

Why are cyclo drives used by the coal mining industries?

There are several key features of cyclo drives that make them a better choice for the demanding workload and environmental conditions imposed by coal mining than conventional types of gearbox. In below ground coal mining, research suggests cyclo drives are more resilient and durable than other types of gearbox.

In open pit mining, applied engineering research indicates that bevel gears have a failure rate that is three times the rate for cylindrical gears of the type used in cyclo gearboxes and speed reducers, with 4.2% of failures attributed to bevel gears, compared to 1.3% to cylindrical gears.

The majority of gearbox problems in open pit mines are due to bearing (38.8%) and oil seal (40.1%) failures. Transcyko manufactures environmentally sealed cycloidal gearboxes that are much less prone to these types of failures than traditional gearbox designs.

What are common uses of cycloidal drives in the coal industry?

What are common uses of cycloidal drives in the coal industry?

Coal mining scraper conveyors and cycloidal centrifuge drives for coal processing are good examples of the versatility of cyclo drives for coal mining industry purposes. Flexible site applications is only one of the many benefits of cyclo drives and speed reducers, however, which is why cyclo drives are able to revolutionize a much wider range of on-site operations than the standard extraction and conveying tasks that are often associated with cycloidal drives.

What characteristics of cyclo drives are useful to the coal industry?

  • Reliable, durable operation under high torque and shock loadings
  • Efficient 24/7 operation
  • Low maintenance overheads
  • Environmentally sealed for extreme conditions
  • Versatile ratio and mounting options
  • Compact space-saving designs
  • Versatile for above and below ground use

Typical coal industry applications of cyclo drives are coal conveyors to transport coal for processing and loading, feeders & crushing equipment. However, the unique characteristics of cyclo drives make them well suited for environmentally sealed pumping equipment for open cast coal mining sites and to provide reliable power to ventilation fans for below ground sites that need to have constant airflow.

What are the ventilation & pumping needs of the coal industry

Ventilation and pumping are key to ensuring safety and productivity in coal mines. Reliable air supply in below ground mining is necessary to remove dust, harmful gas concentrations and maintain comfortable working conditions, especially in deep mines.

Pumping is commonly required to control groundwater build up in below ground and above ground coal mining operations. Flooding can be extremely hazardous to mine workers and damaging to mining equipment, so highly reliable pumping systems are required.

In some coal mines, pumps are used to transport coal slurry by mixing coal dust with water. This is a high viscosity material, so the high torque and shock loading capabilities of cyclo drives make them potentially very suitable for this application.

Regardless of the pumping or ventilation system being used in coal mining, the key features of pumping and ventilation systems are reliability and durability, to maintain a safe working environment and to ensure efficient, continuous 24/7 mining operations are not interrupted by sudden equipment failures.

Transcyko cyclo drives for coal industry applications

Transcyko cyclo drives for coal industry applications

Transcyko 600 Series cycloidal drives are excellent choices for ventilation and slurry pumping applications, and are easily sealed for complete protection against the harsh environment of coal mining. Able to survive 500% momentary overload, and able to operate with minimal maintenance on a continuous basis, it’s obvious why our cyclo drives are the first choice for heavy duty industrial applications.

Features of Transcyko Cycloidal 600 Series Cyclo Drives

  • Easily environmentally sealed
  • Hardened, ground SUJ2 steel bearings, durable FC25 or FCD 45 housings
  • Single ratios 6:1 to 119:1, double stage 7,569:1, triple stage c. 1,000,000:1
  • High torque capacity for momentary loads up to 500% of rating
  • Long service life, reliability and low maintenance costs
  • Predictable wear enables scheduled maintenance with no surprises
  • Sumitomo compatible for maintenance & direct swap

The Cyclo 600 Series is a reliable workhorse, built on 30 years of experience making precision cycloidal gearboxes to globally recognized standards. We respond to the experience and changing requirements of our customers, which includes being able to maintain and service sumitomo cyclo products as well as making our own cyclo drives that can be used as drop-in replacements for sumitomo drives.

Contact us to discuss how we can manufacture a cyclo drive to meet any requirement you have in coal industry operations. You will be surprised at how rapidly we can use our advanced production processes to supply you with gearboxes and speed reducers built to the highest quality standards while maintaining competitive pricing and excellent customer service.