Transcyko – Leaders in Wind Energy Speed Reducers

Transcyko – Leaders in Wind Energy Speed Reducers

Transcyko was the first speed reducer company in China to be certified for the production of speed reducers for the wind energy industry in 2002. The first certified product was our yaw gear drive.

Installation & Servicing of Speed Reducers is Tough

The certification is a vital prerequisite for all manufacturers wanting to supply key parts for the wind energy industry. This is because there are many challenges involved in the installation & maintenance of these types of components.

These challenges can cause enormous business expense and also the significant loss of revenue. Reliability and the correct certifications are vital to the success of a wind energy project.

Why is component reliability so Important in The Wind Energy Industry?

Wind energy manufacturers require the components they use to be rated for 20 years of service so they can operate profitably.




  • The installation location is difficult to access and the expense maintenance is high (Either very high or very remote locations).
  • Product reliability has to be very high indeed due to the difficult location
  • Product failure is a huge business expense due to lost revenue while waiting for maintenance.

China is Now a Closed Market For Speed Reducers

Siemens and GM are some of the largest players in the wind energy market, but the internal market within china is still the largest globally. The China Market is so large that local manufacturers have now become the main domestic suppliers.


They supply not just the hardware components, but also the software control systems which China develops and is supported by the local and national governments.

This trend is great for the Chinese local market, but makes it hard for outside companies or smaller suppliers to take a slice of that market.  This is why the development of the wind energy in other markets is an opportunity which Transcyko is now focusing on with our Yaw and Pitch speed reducer drives.


The Global Trend in Wind Energy 2018 –  2022

Overall installed capacity for wind energy will to continue to grow in the run up to 2020 as there are many global environmental targets connected with that date.

There will be significant growth in North and South America, Africa and the Middle East during this period. The expansion in capacity will also be focused more on water (Offshore) installations.  The market share for those will increase during the period compared to land based installations. But Why?

Wind Turbines Installed at Sea

Primarily the drivers for this are economic. Water based installations are more profitable in the long term as they produce more energy than land based installations.

However the difficulty of the installation and ongoing maintenance means that component reliability is critical to the success of these installations going forwards. This is where the Yaw and Pitch drives for wind energy from Transcyko will be able to show their value in the market.


Why Do we Install Wind Turbines at Sea?

  1. Water installations avoid some of the environmental concerns that can be faced with land installations and in some cases makes planning approval easier to obtain
  2. Offshore wind energy farms generate more power than onshore ones due to the higher winds.
  3. We can install larger wind farms offshore than we can on land.