Varitron Does Not Represent Transcyko Products In Any Markets

Varitron is not licensed to resell Transcyko products

Varitron is not licensed to sell Transcyko products in any markets. Anything Varitron supply to you as a Transcyko drive is a fake. Transcyko cycloidal gearboxes and cyclo drives offer world-leading quality and reliability.

Reasons to buy genuine Transcyko cycloidal gearboxes

  • Global leadership in quality control and manufacturing excellence
  • 24-7 service and after-sales support for genuine products
  • Extremely high quality and reliability
  • Compatible with other leading brands including Sumitomo

Make Sure It’s A Transcyko Original

Transcyko cycloidal gearboxes, cyclo reducers and derivatives are preferred by a wide range of competitive industry partners. Transcyko products are known for reliability, build quality, excellent service and after sales support. We do not support or manufacture parts for any fake Transcyko products supplied by Varitron.

If in any doubt about the origin and quality of a product, please contact us to avoid making a costly mistake that could have a serious impact on your business.