11/11 Transcyko Nanjing Facility Inauguration Ceremony

11th Nov, the grand inauguration ceremony of Transcyko Nanjing was held in the Taiwan Mechanical and Electrical Industry Park in Hefeng Town, Lishui District, Nanjing.

Zhu Ke Cheng, chairman of the CPPCC Li Shui District, Wu Sheng Mu, secretary of Hefeng Town, Chen Yu Sheng, president of Transcyko Nanjing and other leaders gathered together with more than 100 guests from customers, suppliers and media to witness the opening of the new plant.

Transcyko was founded in 1982 in Taiwan. It mainly produces energy saving, environmental protection and automation high-end products. The product include: core parts of RV robot reducers, AGV /RGV travel motors, special reducers for environmental protection and energy saving, injection molding machines, industrial sludge wastewater centrifugation reducer, reducers for automated production lines and many more.

Chen Yu Sheng, President of Transcyko said at the ceremony that he settled in the Taiwan Mechanical and Electrical Industrial Park at Hefeng Town in 2016. With the operation of the Transcyko team, the support of Li Shui District, and the assistance of government units , a good working environment was built. He thanked everyone for their great kindness. Transcyko will take this as a new beginning, the start of another glorious historical moment. We will share the results of these efforts, and develop another brand-new business.

Transckyo will adhere to its focus on environmental protection, energy efficiency & carbon emission reduction, and employee safety, and use this spirit of dedicated craftsmanship to make the product stronger and better to achieve explosive growth. Passing on the spirit of the perseverance of the older generation is the common aspiration for all employees.

The new plant covers an area of ​​50 acres, with an initial investment of 180 million RMB, specializing in the production of rubber, plastic machinery and various types of gear boxes.  The newly completed Nanjing plant with modern production equipment, perfect facilities, advanced processes and beautiful surroundings marks the development of Transcyko to a new level.

In the future, Transcyko will fully implement strategies to accelerate business development, speed up new technologies, the research and development of new products, and make new and greater contributions to the development of the industry.  In 2020 the company will set up a robot research and development and experimental engineering center at the southwest side of the factory, which will create a new milestone for Transcyko.

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