Cycloidal Gearboxes & Speed Reducers For Warehouses & Conveyor Systems

Efficient, durable & precise cycloidal gearboxes & speed reducers add value and reduce operational costs for warehouse conveyor systems for storage, fulfillment & distribution centers

Cycloidal Gearboxes & Speed Reducers For Warehouses & Conveyor Systems

Cycloidal gearboxes and speed reducers are efficient, durable under heavy loads, compact in size, and easy to configure. These are highly desirable characteristics for warehouse, distribution and fulfillment center conveyor systems. Other advantages of using cyclo drives for conveyor systems include high single stage reduction ratios, shock load resistance and minimal backlash for optimal start-stop cycling. 

How do cycloidal gearboxes & speed reducers improve warehouse conveyor efficiency?

The rolling movement of cycloidal gears reduces friction between moving parts and optimizes energy transfer in the gearbox. Compared to traditional gearboxes, energy losses are minimized, with a corresponding reduction in energy consumption. This makes cycloidal gearboxes a cost-effective alternative for warehouse conveyor systems.

Many warehouses, distribution and fulfillment centers operate continuously, which means that switching to cycloidal drives can result in significant savings in energy bills. The smooth operation of cycloid drives also reduces wear to conveyor systems with the added benefit of saving on maintenance costs.

Why is gearbox robustness and durability important for warehouse conveyor systems?

Cycloidal gearboxes and speed reducers are extremely robust. This is because they operate by rolling elements instead of the comparatively fragile teeth used in conventional gears. Because of this there is a reduced likelihood of breakages due to heavy loads or jamming of the conveyor system

Adding heavy loads to a warehouse conveyor system can cause sudden shock loadings, and cycloidal drives are able to absorb these without failure. The even wear and shock resistance of cycloidal gearboxes and speed reducers a characteristic of cyclo drive engineering. This extends the lifespan of cycloidal drives and increases the maintenance intervals, reducing losses due to unscheduled repairs and downtime.

What are the benefits of compact cyclo speed reducer & gearbox designs for warehouse conveyor systems?

It should not be surprising that one reason cycloidal speed reducers and gearboxes are in demand for warehouse conveyor systems is because they are so compact for their power rating. Warehouses are for storing goods and products, and having more space to utilize for storage makes your warehouse more cost effective. 

A cycloidal drive delivers torque and power handling equivalent to significantly larger traditional gearboxes in a much more compact package, and this enables warehouse conveyors to be installed in more space efficient locations. The wide range of mounting and output direction options also enables integration into curved and inclined conveyors for maximum versatility.

Four reasons cyclo speed reducers and cyclo gearboxes are used in warehouse conveyor systems

  1. Improved efficiency & energy savings
  2. Compact & flexible installation
  3. Durable, low maintenance operation
  4. Easy to reconfigure to meet business needs

How does the flexible configuration of cycloidal gearboxes future-proof your warehouse conveyor system?

How does the flexible configuration of cycloidal gearboxes future-proof your warehouse conveyor system?

Reduced weight and compact design compared to traditional gearboxes makes it much easier to install and reconfigure warehouse conveyors that use cycloidal gearboxes. As the requirements of your warehouse change, you can restructure, expand and redirect your conveyor system much more flexibly with cycloidal gearboxes than with traditional systems.

Cycloidal gearboxes and speed reducers offer versatile, easily managed, and reliable solutions to your warehouse conveyor system needs today, and this flexibility also makes it easier for you to think ahead about how you will be able to adjust to changing business needs without being held back by the cost of modifying your conveyor systems.

Five examples of warehouse conveyor systems that use cycloidal gearboxes & speed reducers

  1. Belt Conveyor Systems
  2. Pallet conveyor systems 
  3. Roller & belt box conveyor systems
  4. Roller conveyor systems
  5. Chain conveyor systems

How do you specify a cycloidal gearbox for warehouse conveyor systems?

First identify the motor horsepower and output shaft torque for your warehouse conveyor systems. Remember that cycloidal gearboxes are very efficient and a lower power cycloidal drive may offer equivalent output to a higher rated standard gearbox.

What do I need to know when discussing my cycloidal gearbox requirements?

  1. Motor speed in RPM & required horsepower (HP)
  2. Reduction ratio of the conveyor application
  3. Mounting direction: vertical, horizontal, right-angle or other
  4. Length of daily operating cycle. 
  5. Specific equipment being driven by the cycloidal gearbox
  6. Any environmental hazards or special sealing requirements
  7. AGMA service class for your application

What are the AGMA service classes for cycloidal gearbox warehouse conveyors?

What are the AGMA service classes for cycloidal gearbox warehouse conveyors?

The AGMA Service Classifications for gearmotors are uniform (I), moderate shock loads (II), and heavy shock loads (III). These offer a guide for the classification required in any specific operating environment. Remember that cycloidal gearboxes are highly shock resistant, so it may be possible to use a lower class of drive than you already have if you are switching to cycloidal gearboxes.

Linear and planetary gearboxes that are not correctly specified by AGMA class are more likely to suffer from sudden failures from shock loads than cycloidal gearboxes, and may require higher AGMA classes to reduce the likelihood of breakages.

Most warehouse conveyors will be AGMA Service Class I, AGMA Service Class II for inclined or high shock loads, and AGMA Service Class III if used at high speed with very heavy loads, like the steel pipe conveyor shown in the picture above, especially with sudden start-stop operations.

What are standard features of Transcyko cycloidal gearboxes?

  • Input speeds at 50Hz: 1450 and 980 RPM
  • Input speeds at 60Hz:  1750 and 1165 RPM
  • Motor turn-down (braked) limit 4:1 or better
  • Motor turn-down (unbraked) standard ratio 10:1
  • Turn-down ratio in C-face configuration up to 1000:1
  • Unlimited thermal capacity under normal operational loads
  • Resistant to shock loading at up to 500% of nominal gearbox rating

Our in-house technical advisors will be happy to design a cycloidal gearbox with customized specifications if you require any non-standard features.

Transcyko cycloidal gearboxes & speed reducers for warehouse conveyor systems

Transcyko cycloidal gearboxes & speed reducers for warehouse conveyor systems

The low maintenance requirements and efficiency of Transcyko cycloid gearboxes are well suited to the requirements of warehouse conveyor systems. Our, cyclo derivates and cycloidal reducers are the most efficient, flexible and reliable solution for energy-conscious, cost-effective warehouse conveyor systems.

Transcyko manufactures a comprehensive range of cycloidal gearboxes and speed reducers alongside more conventional planetary & epicyclic gearboxes. Our customers can benefit from a single source for all their gearbox needs, saving on maintenance and guaranteeing compatibility and reliability.

  • Cycloidal drives
  • Cycloidal speed reducers
  • Cycloidal gearboxes
  • Servo gearboxes
  • Travel motor gearboxes
  • Epicyclic gearboxes & speed reducers
  • Planetary gearboxes & speed reducers

Contact us and talk to our expert in-house team about how Transcyko cycloidal gearboxes will improve the efficiency and reliability of your warehouse conveyor systems. Our design, technical, manufacturing, quality control, and support teams are all in-house, ready with rapid and well-informed responses to your queries no matter what your technical requirements.