Cycloidal Gearboxes For Stop-Start Conveyor Systems

Cycloidal gearboxes are used in all sorts of conveyor systems, both stop-start and continuous conveyors. Here we’re going to focus on stop-start conveyors and why cycloidal gearboxes are a better choice for these than traditional gearboxes and gear motors.

Why are cycloidal gearboxes well suited for conveyor systems?

Cyclo drives, cyclo reducers and derivatives are well suited for conveyor systems because they offer a reliable, compact, easily sealed, high torque drive for any conveyor, including applications that require high positional accuracy. Cycloidal gearboxes offer trouble-free power and precision, leaving one less thing to worry about.

Cycloidal gearbox reliability is a feature that makes them well suited for conveyor systems in the difficult market conditions of today. Equipment failures due to unforeseen maintenance are not an option in the post-Covid world of 2023, and cycloidal gearboxes have very predictable wear and maintenance requirements, making them very easy to manage.

Transcyko cyclo drives are the reliable choice for all conveyor systems. As a go-to standard that reduces maintenance costs and worries, cycloidal gearboxes and cyclo derivatives are hard to beat for mission-critical conveyor applications in any business, but especially well suited to servo operation.

What are the two main types of conveyor systems?

Conveyors are perhaps the most widely used type of machinery used across almost every industry. There are many types of conveyor, but we can broadly split them into two categories:

  1. Continuous conveyor systems
  2. Stop-start conveyor systems

What are continuous conveyor systems?

Continuous conveyor systems are left running for long periods of time to move bulk goods such as grain or minerals, or to provide a constantly moving walkway or to carry goods through a warehousing or distribution center.

What are stop-start conveyor systems?

Stop-start conveyor systems are used for precision movements of goods or materials, often in production lines or packaging. Precise control is required, often using servo motor technologies, to ensure precise positioning of parts and components for assembly or finished products for wrapping or packaging.

Cycloidal gearboxes and stop-start conveyor systems

There are eight stop-start conveyor applications that are typical uses for cyclo gearboxes. These servo motor conveyors demand precise control of the speed of movement of the conveyor and the ability to stop or start the conveyor instantly.

  • Food Processing
  • Production Line Conveyors
  • Automotive Manufacture
  • Robotics
  • Parcel Handling
  • Laminating Machines
  • Automation
  • Textile Manufacture

The low backlash of cycloidal gearboxes compared to linear and planetary gearboxes makes them suitable for very high precision movements. Resistance to significant torque loading enables rapid stop-start without risk of damage to the gearbox.

Three reasons to use cycloidal gearboxes for stop-start conveyors

  1. High positional accuracy with low backlash
  2. High torque resistance for rapid stop-start cycling under load
  3. Reliable, durable low-maintenance design that reduces stoppages

How do you specify cycloidal gearboxes for conveyor systems?

To specify a cycloidal gearbox or cyclo drive for a conveyor system, you need to know output shaft torque and motor horsepower. Cycloidal gearboxes are very efficient and highly load resistant, so a lower HP input motor can often be used while maintaining high output torque.

The following checklist will help you to specify your requirements when talking to our service team:

  1. What are your motor speed (RPM) & horsepower (HP) requirements?
  2. What reduction ratio do you need?
  3. Which mounting direction is appropriate: horizontal, right-angle, vertical, or other?
  4. How many hours a day will it be operating?
  5. What machinery will be driven by the gearbox?
  6. What are potential environmental hazards and sealing requirements?
  7. What AGMA service class is required?

What are the service classes for cycloidal gearbox conveyors?

AGMA-defined Service Classes rate cycloidal gearboxes for specific applications and loads. AGMA Service Classifications for gearmotors are: uniform (I), moderate shock (II), and heavy shock (III). Use these classifications to match your cycloidal gearbox to the specific use.

AGMA Class requirements need to match your drive choices, non-cyclo gearboxes are vulnerable to potential sudden failure if you use the wrong class for a higher class operation. This is particularly problematic with non load-sharing gearboxes such as linear gearboxes.

Conveyor service classes will be higher for stop-start shock loads, but regular conveyors may be AGMA Service Class I, conveyors with high loading will be AGMA Service Class II. Substantial bulk loads can require AGMA Service Class III.

What are the standard features of Transcyko cycloidal gearboxes?

  • Shock loading resistance up to 500% of rating
  • Standard gearbox input speeds at 60Hz:  1750 and 1165 RPM
  • Standard gearbox input speeds at 50Hz: 1450 and 980 RPM
  • Not limited by thermal capacity in normal operating conditions
  • Unbraked motor turn-down standard ratio 10:1
  • Braked motor turn-down limit 4:1 or better
  • C-face configuration turn-down ratio up to 1000:1

Our in-house technical and design teams are happy to calculate non-standard requirements to build a cycloidal gearbox to your customized requirements.

Transcyko cycloidal gearboxes, drives & speed reducers

Transcyko customers can source all their gearbox and speed reducer needs from us as a single supplier. Our range of cyclo drives, and cyclo derivatives, gearboxes and speed reducers cover every possible application, and our product compatibility with other high quality brands makes service and maintenance easy.

  • Servo, travel motor, and automation gearboxes
  • Cycloidal gearboxes
  • Conventional gearbox solutions & planetary gearboxes
  • Cyclo speed reducers & cyclo drives

Contact us and discover how efficient and reliable your stop-start and servo motor conveyor systems can be when powered by a Transcyko cycloidal gearbox. Improve cost leadership by enhancing on-site reliability and reducing downtime. Our in-house service experts are ready to answer your questions.