Cycloidal Gearboxes For The Mining Industry

Reliable, versatile, robust and ready for work 24-7, Transcyko cycloidal gearboxes are an excellent choice for heavy and light duty mining industry applications above and below ground.

Reliable, versatile, robust and ready for work 24-7, Transcyko cycloidal gearboxes are an excellent choice for heavy and light duty mining industry applications above and below ground.

Mining is an industry where the 24-7 operational efficiency of cycloidal gearboxes is a very attractive feature for maximizing production output and profitability. Cycloidal drives are the optimal choice for above ground mining operations as well as below ground mining because of their ability to withstand extreme environments and working loads in heavy duty cycles.

What are the 3 key features of cycloidal gearboxes that increase durability?

The legendary reliability of cycloidal gearboxes is based on three characteristics of cycloidal drives that contribute to their durability and resistance to failure:

  1. High tolerance for shock loadings under momentary loads
  2. Shared wear between components for increased longevity
  3. Easily sealed against environmental contamination in harsh operating conditions

How are cycloidal gearboxes used in the mining industry?

The versatility of Transcyko cycloidal gearboxes, cyclo drives and cycloidal speed reducers means that they can be used for a very wide range of applications across all types of mining operation. Standardization of drives across a work site reduces inventory, training and overhead costs and enables hot-swapping of cycloidal gearboxes for maintenance without needing to shut down operations.

What are 12 examples of cycloidal gearbox applications in the mining industry?

What are 12 examples of cycloidal gearbox applications in the mining industry?

  • Conveyors
  • Cranes & Hoists
  • Elevators & Escalators
  • Ventilation & Extractor Fans
  • Water, Fuel & Gravel Pumps
  • Crushers & Presses
  • Metal Mills
  • Agitators
  • Compressors
  • Rotary Mills
  • Mixers
  • Feeders

Cycloidal gearboxes are an efficient and reliable alternative to conventional gearboxes and speed reducers, and due to their compact size and suitability for horizontal, vertical and angled mounting it is often possible to upgrade conventional drives to cyclo drives without significant modifications to existing equipment.

How do Transycko cycloidal gearboxes reduce maintenance costs and overheads in the mining industry?

Cycloidal Gearboxes For The Mining Industry

High performance and resistance to extreme loads in small formats makes it possible to equip a mining site with a limited range of swappable cyclo drives and achieve better results than using many different types of traditional gearboxes and speed reducers.

The shared load characteristics and even wear of cycloidal gearboxes even under demanding conditions makes it possible to schedule routine maintenance without the fear of sudden and unexpected failures that are an issue with traditional gearboxes, where loads are concentrated on individual gears and drive shafts.

Five ways Transcyko improves the efficiency of your mining business

  1. Reduced inventory requirements for maintenance & servicing
  2. Hot swapping of drives to reduce equipment shutdown for servicing & inspection
  3. Predictable wear & robust construction eliminates stoppages due to unexpected failures
  4. Dependable & timely service and support from Transcyko keeps your machinery running
  5. Transcyko single supplier convenience for cycloidal, planetary & helical bevel gearboxes

Transcyko cycloidal drives and components are directly swappable for Sumitomo equivalents, for cost-effective upgrades and replacement of end-of-life equipment. We also manufacture a wide range of helical bevel gearboxes and planetary gearboxes, which enables us to offer a one-stop service that includes conventional equipment for ease of service and maintenance.

Selecting a cyclo drive for mining industry applications

Selecting a cyclo drive for mining industry applications

Whether you are extracting copper in a large open-cut mine or digging out coal from deep underground, the selection of gear motors and drives depends on the same specification information. However, because cycloidal gearboxes are very efficient across different reduction ratios, cyclo drive output shaft horsepower and torque requirements can often be achieved with a lower motor output than is required for less efficient gearboxes.

How do I identify the correct cyclo drive for my needs?

The simplest option is to contact us and discuss your requirements. To identify the correct drive we will need to know what type of machinery is being driven, the duty cycle of operations, motor horsepower and speed, and the mounting direction. For extreme environments and loadings, we manufacture drives with hardened cases and protective seals.

What is the AGMA service class for mining industry applications?

AGMA Service Classifications for gear motors are used to ensure your drive will be able to withstand the loads and duty cycles you need for your mining operations. There are three AGMA service classes:

  1. uniform (I)
  2. moderate shock (II)
  3. heavy shock (III)

For mining equipment, AGMA Service Class requirements range from Class I for simple pumping and conveyor operations under light loads through to AGMA Service Class III for grinders, crushers and heavy load elevators or start-stop conveyor systems.

What are the performance characteristics of cycloidal gearboxes?

Transcyko cycloidal gearboxes are rated to momentary intermittent shock loadings of 500% of their standard rating. This compares favorably with high performance planetary gearboxes, which are generally rated to withstand 300% momentary overload. Our long experience and advanced technology enables us to provide custom configurations for higher shock loadings.

10 standard features of Transcyko cycloidal gearboxes

  1. Pressure rated seals and wear sleeves protect the gearbox in harsh conditions
  2. FC25 shock-resistant cast iron or FCD45 ductile cast iron casings
  3. High power density, compact, reduction gearing enables high reduction ratios
  4. Inverter turn-down ratio of 10:1 for unbraked motors
  5. Braked motor turn-down ratios limited to 4:1 or better.
  6. C-face configuration enables a 1000:1 turn-down ratio.
  7. Gear components manufactured from hardened bearing grade SUJ2 steel
  8. Customizable output shaft sizes and materials to any requirement
  9. Rolling contact areas share stresses across 60% of components during operation
  10. Overload capacity of up to 500% in momentary shock loadings

At 60Hz, standard motor speeds are 1750 and 1165 RPM, or 1450 and 980 RPM at 50Hz. Our team are available to calculate different input speeds and assess horsepower and torque ratings that will result from non-standard configurations.

An interesting benefit of the shared load operation and very low internal friction of cycloidal gearboxes is that unlike other forms of gearbox they are not limited by thermal capacity, even when driven at high speeds and maximum load.

Transcyko manufactures cycloidal gearboxes for the mining industry

Transcyko manufactures cycloidal gearboxes for the mining industry

We offer a unique service to our industry customers. Our wide range of cycloidal gearboxes and speed reducers are complemented by our conventional gearbox solutions, manufactured to the highest quality standards, and supported by our excellent technical and maintenance team.

The cross-compatibility of our cycloidal gearboxes with Sumitomo products means you can benefit from our rapid and comprehensive after-sales service network to maintain and upgrade your existing equipment, even if you are not a Transcyko customer already.

Contact us and discover how partnering with Transcyko for your mining industry gearbox and speed reducer needs opens up a new experience in efficient, friendly and responsive service.