Cycloidal Gearbox Production Line Conveyor Systems

Transcyko is a leading cycloidal gearbox manufacturer supplying cycloidal gearbox solutions for efficient production line conveyors

Cycloidal Gearbox Production Line Conveyor Systems

The high torque management characteristics of the cycloidal gearbox makes it the perfect choice for conveyors that need to be stopped and started quickly and with high precision. This is why the leading cycloidal gearbox manufacturers supply a range of cycloidal gearbox products that are sized and configured for production line conveyor systems.

Why use a cycloidal gearbox to drive a production line conveyor?

Stop-start conveyor belts and production conveyor systems used for precisely timed operations rely on Transcyko cycloidal gearbox manufacturing technology for efficient, reliable operation.As a cycloidal gearbox supplier, we focus our innovative research and development on matching our products to the demands of our customers..

We know production lines need to position manufacturing components precisely and rapidly to enable each process on the production line to be successfully completed. A Transcyko cycloidal gearbox minimizes variation in the position of items on the production line at each stop-start cycle to prevent manufacturing and production errors.

On a production line, parts must be moved at a predictable speed and positioned exactly for each stage of the manufacturing process. This is because products must be moved from one station to the next to enable each stage of production to be completed successfully.

Among other applications, cycloidal gearbox servo systems are used for automated production systems that require precise positioning of parts for machining, welding, filling containers, applying labels, and sealing packages.

Why are cycloidal gearbox variants used for production line conveyor systems?

Trouble free production line conveyors with cycloidal gearboxes

Cycloidal Gearbox Production Line Conveyor Systems

The low maintenance precision and power of the cycloid gearbox removes several of the potential headaches of production line management. Cyclo derivates and reducers and cyclo drives provide a one-stop solution both for precision conveyors and high volume, high torque conveyor systems.

The cycloidal gearbox has very low backlash compared to other types of gearboxes combined with high torque resistance. This makes cycloidal gearboxes very well suited to rapid stop-start control that enables precise location of items on a production conveyor without potentially damaging the gearbox.

6 FeaturesThat Make Cycloid Gearboxes Ideal For Production Line Conveyors

  1. Reliable
  2. Compact size
  3. Environmentally sealed
  4. High torque capabilities
  5. Precision start-stop operation
  6. Flexible mounting configurations

With a reliability that is unbeatable in any other type of speed reducer, the cycloid gearbox is an excellent choice for any production line conveyor even before we consider the benefits of easy environmental seals that avoid contamination, very high torque resistance and compact, flexible mounting options.

When we add the fine stop-start precision that can be easily achieved by using a cycloid gearbox, it is easy to see why the cycloidal gearbox is the 2023 drive of choice for high quality production line conveyor systems. Following the shock of the Covid pandemic on global manufacturing and processing, having a trouble free solution for your production line conveyors takes one more worry off the list.

Three reasons to use cycloidal gearboxes for production line conveyors

  1. Low backlash enables precise positional accuracy
  2. High torque capability enables stop-start cycling without damage
  3. Durable, low-maintenance design for trouble-free operation

How can you specify a cycloidal gearbox for production line conveyors?

To decide on the correct cycloidal gearbox for production line conveyors you start by specifying motor horsepower and output shaft torque. Because the cycloidal gearbox is very efficient and load resistant you may be able to use a lower power motor than expected to achieve the output you need.

What do I need to know when discussing my cycloidal gearbox requirements?

  1. Motor speed in RPM & horsepower (HP) needed
  2. Reduction ratio requirement
  3. Horizontal, right-angle, vertical, or other mounting direction
  4. Expected operating hours per day
  5. Machinery type the gearbox will be driving
  6. Sealing requirements and potential environmental hazards
  7. AGMA service class for the production line application

How are AGMA service classes defined for cycloid gearbox production line conveyors?

Cycloidal Gearbox Production Line Conveyor Systems

AGMA Service Classes are ratings for specific loads a gearbox will be expected to manage in different use types. The AGMA Service Classifications for gearmotors are defined as uniform (I), moderate shock (II), and heavy shock (III). Use these to decide the rating required for your your cycloidal gearbox.

If your drive choice does not meet the AGMA Class requirement for use you will be at risk of sudden failures if the loading on the gearbox is too high. This is less likely with cyclo gearboxes because of their load-sharing properties, but is a common problem with linear and planetary gearboxes.

Production line conveyor classes are higher because of precision, rapid stop-start requirements that generate higher shock loads, some production line conveyors may still be AGMA Service Class I, but most production line conveyors with high shock loading will be AGMA Service Class II or AGMA Service Class III if carrying heavy products or moving at high speeds.

What are standard features of a Transcyko cycloid gearbox?

  • Standard gearbox input speeds at 60Hz:  1750 and 1165 RPM
  • Standard gearbox input speeds at 50Hz: 1450 and 980 RPM
  • Not limited by thermal capacity in normal operating conditions
  • Unbraked motor turn-down standard ratio 10:1
  • Braked motor turn-down limit 4:1 or better
  • C-face configuration turn-down ratio up to 1000:1
  • Shock loading resistance up to 500% of rating

If you require non-standard features, contact our in-house technical advisors, who will be happy to design a cycloidal gearbox with customized specifications.

Transcyko cycloidal gearbox solutions for production line conveyors

The Transcyko range of cyclo drives, and cyclo derivatives, cycloid gearboxes and speed reducers enables our customers to source all their drive and gearbox requirements from a single cycloid gearbox supplier for easy machinery installation and support.

Our designs are engineered for compatibility with cyclo and gearbox products manufactured by other high quality brands. This makes service and maintenance easy, even if you maintain a range of gearbox types.

  • Cycloid gearboxes
  • Servo, automation & travel motor gearboxes
  • Conventional epicyclic & planetary gearboxes
  • Cyclo drives & speed reducers

Contact Taiwan’s premier cycloidal gearbox manufacturer to discover how our cycloid gearboxes can increase the efficiency and reliability of your production line conveyor systems. Reduced downtime and superior maintenance and support services mean that Transycko products will keep your production line running even in the most difficult circumstances.