Cyclo Speed Reducers & Cycloidal Gearboxes For Airports & Aviation

Cyclo Speed Reducers & Cycloidal Gearboxes For Airports & Aviation air bridge connected to an airplane at the terminal

Cyclo speed reducers and cycloidal gearboxes are used in the aviation industry to drive safe and precise passenger boarding bridges (PBBs) or jet bridges. Cyclo drives are also used to power reliable, low-maintenance, passenger baggage handling systems and conveyor systems for cargo. The image above shows a passenger boarding bridge driven by Transcyko cycloidal gearboxes. 

What are the three important uses of cycloidal gearboxes in the aviation industry?

  1. Passenger boarding bridges
  2. Baggage handling systems
  3. Cargo handling systems

Why are cyclo speed reducers & cycloidal gearboxes used for passenger boarding bridges?

  • Precision control of passenger boarding bridge position
  • Rapid start / stop operation
  • No backlash or unwanted movement

The photo above shows a powerful, compact, Transcyko cycloidal gearbox fitted to a passenger boarding bridge. Passenger boarding bridges need to be very accurately positioned at aircraft doors with no excess or uncontrolled movement. Because of this, an essential feature of passenger boarding bridge motors is very precise stop / start operation with no backlash.

Cycloidal gearboxes are ideally suited for precise start / stop operation because they have very high torque resistance and minimal to zero backlash even in heavy duty operation. This is a major advantage over epicyclic, planetary and linear gearboxes for ensuring accurate movement of passenger boarding bridges.

What are the advantages of cyclo speed reducers & cycloidal gearboxes for airport conveyor systems?

  • Very high reliability & durability, even in continuous operation
  • Suitable for demanding loads & precise operation
  • Predictable maintenance requirements

Airports need to keep running 24-7 without sudden unexpected failures. This is why the high reliability and predictable maintenance requirements of cyclo speed reducers and cycloidal gearboxes makes them perfect for airport baggage handling systems and cargo handling systems.

Excellent tolerance to heavy loads and high torque enables use for both light and heavy duty conveyor systems. This combined with capacity for rapid start / stop operation enables very precise conveyor management for baggage handling and cargo.

The even wear of cycloidal gearboxes and speed reducers minimizes the likelihood of sudden failure, and enables routine maintenance and checks to be carried out during scheduled downtime without interrupting productivity.

Why are Transcyko cycloidal gearboxes the best choice for passenger boarding bridges and conveyor systems?

At Transcyko we manufacture reliable, efficient cyclo speed reducers and cycloidal gearboxes. Our research innovation and product development is driven by matching our products to the demands of our customers, and this is why our global customers rely on our products to safeguard their mission-critical business needs.

Why are cycloidal gearboxes and cyclo speed reducers used for mission-critical airport systems?

  • Cycloidal gearboxes offer high precision and are able to withstand the high torque demands of rapid stop-start operation.
  • Servo cyclo speed reducers and derivatives guarantee very high precision operation where backlash and unwanted movement are not acceptable.

Transcyko cycloid gearboxes feature high precision, high power capabilities in a compact size, with low maintenance overheads.  These features solve several common problems in airport management. Cyclo derivates and reducers and cyclo drives offer a single, reliable, dependable solution that works for passenger boarding bridges as well as high torque, high volume conveyor systems.

The design of cyclo gearboxes offers very low backlash and high torque resistance compared to other types of gearboxes. This makes cycloidal gearboxes very well suited to rapid stop-start control that enables precise movement of passenger boarding bridges and baggage handling systems – without potentially damaging the gearbox, aircraft or cargo!

What are other desirable features of cyclo speed reducers and cycloidal gearboxes?

With unbeatable reliability compared to any other speed reduction technology, the cycloid gearbox is perfectly suited for airport systems. There are many other benefits that come with Transcyko cyclo speed reducers and cycloidal gearboxes, however.

  • Flexible mounting options
  • Easy to seal against the environment
  • Compact designs
  • Interchangeable with other leading cyclo brands

When we consider all the benefits, it makes sense that the cycloid gearbox is the 2023 choice for high performance, reliable, airport conveyor systems and passenger boarding bridges. Now that the aviation industry is recovering from the impacts of the Covid pandemic, a worry-free option for your conveyor systems and passenger boarding bridges can contribute to rebuilding business as usual.

How can you specify a cycloidal gearbox for airport conveyors and passenger boarding bridges?

To decide on the correct cycloidal gearbox for airport conveyors and passenger boarding bridges you need to specify motor horsepower and output shaft torque. Cycloidal gearboxes are highly efficient and rugged, so you will often find you can achieve your output requirements with less power than you would need with a non-cyclo speed reducer or gearbox.

How do I specify a cycloidal gearbox for a passenger boarding bridge or conveyor?

  1. What motor speed (RPM) & horsepower (HP) do you need?
  2. What reduction ratio is required?
  3. Will the mounting be horizontal, at a right-angle, vertical, or in another directio?n
  4. What are the anticipated daily hours of operation?
  5. What machinery will the cycloidal gearbox be driving?
  6. Are there any sealing requirements for environmental protection?
  7. Do you know the AGMA service class for the anticipated use?

What are AGMA service classes for cycloidal gearboxes used in airports?

AGMA Service Classifications for gearmotors are used to determine the appropriate construction of a gearbox for different levels of shock loading and duty cycles per day. The AGMA classifiers are uniform (I), moderate shock loading (II), and heavy shock loading (III).

Your speed reducer or gearbox must meet the AGMA Class requirement for the expected use or there is  a risk of sudden failure due to overloading. Cyclo gearboxes rarely fail because they share load across multiple components, but sudden failure is a common problem with linear and planetary gearboxes that are not correctly specified.

In airport passenger boarding bridges where precision and rapid stop-start capabilities are essential, will be AGMA Service Class II or AGMA Service Class III if built for large aircraft or capable of moving at high speeds. Many continuous low-load conveyors are AGMA Service Class I, but Service Class II is better for rapid stop-start use.

The 7 standard features of Transcyko cycloid gearboxes

  • Resist shock loading of up to 500% of gearbox rating
  • Gearbox standard input speeds at 50Hz: 1450 and 980 RPM
  • Gearbox standard input speeds at 60Hz: 1750 and 1165 RPM
  • Braked motor turn-down limit 4:1 (or better)
  • Unbraked motor turn-down standard ratio 10:1
  • C-face configuration turn-down ratio up to 1000:1
  • Unlimited by thermal capacity in normal operating conditions

Our in-house technical advisors are happy to design a customized cycloidal gearbox for you if you require non-standard features or specifications..

Transcyko: gearbox solutions for every possible application

Our range of speed reducers, cycloid gearboxes, cyclo drives, and cyclo derivatives gives our customers the convenience of being able to obtain any drive or gearbox requirements from one cycloid gearbox manufacturer. We also manufacture epicyclic and planetary gearboxes to the same high standards our customers expect from our cyclo products.

We have engineered our designs to be compatible with the formats and characteristics of cyclo and gearbox products manufactured by other high quality brands. This makes machinery installation, support and maintenance straightforward, even if you maintain a range of gearbox types.

  • Cyclo drives & speed reducers
  • Cycloid gearboxes
  • Conventional epicyclic & planetary gearboxes
  • Servo, automation & travel motor gearboxes

We are Taiwan’s premier cycloidal gearbox manufacturer, and our global customer base recognizes our success in delivering efficient and reliable gearboxes, drives and speed reducers that exceed their expectations. Contact our dedicated support services and in-house design and engineering team to discover what we can do for your business.