Cyclo Drives for Power Generation Industry

Our global customers in the power industry prefer Transcyko 6000 series cyclo drives

100 Cyclo Drive Units in 30 Day Turnaround For Power Generation Customers

At Transcyko we pride ourselves on our ability to rapidly fulfil customer requirements. We recently shipped 100 units of our 6000 series cyclo drives to a customer in Korea who urgently needed them for power generation applications. We were able to fulfil the request very rapidly as this is one of our standard cycloidal drives and we keep a large number in stock.

Transcyko 6000 Series For The Energy Industry

The Transcyko 6000 series of cyclo gear motors and speed reducers are high quality, reliable and versatile cyclo drives suitable for a wide range of uses required by power generators. They can be used across a power generation site for many different purposes.

Cyclo Gear Motor & Speed Reducer Applications

  • Feeders
  • Belt Conveyors
  • Aerators
  • Cooling Towers
  • Solar Trackers
  • Chippers
  • Drag Conveyors
  • Loaders / Unloaders
  • Crane Drives

Using a single model of cyclo gear motor and speed reducer on a power generation site maximizes efficiency as common components can be used for servicing and maintenance, and entire units can be swapped out from less important functions to use for critical applications in the unlikely event of failures.

Power Without Interruptions

Global electrical power supplies depend on reliable, continuous uninterrupted power generation. The best power generation system is only as reliable as its component parts, and failure of any of them leads to loss of power supply.

Cycloidal drives are a logical choice for power generation applications because they have many advantages over conventional gear motors and speed reducers:

  • Extreme Reliability of Cycloidal Drives
  • Predictable Maintenance Schedules
  • High Torque Capabilities of Cyclo Drives
  • High Reduction Ratios
  • Versatility

Extreme Reliability of Cycloidal Drives

In cycloidal drives the load is shared between gears, reducing stress and wear. Unlike traditional gearboxes, which have very high shear stresses focused on limited points of contact, the cycloidal drive has a large contact area during operation. This makes cyclo drives extremely reliable

Predictable Maintenance Schedules

The reliability and even wear of cyclo drives has the added benefit of predictable maintenance schedules. It is easy to schedule drives for routine maintenance without interrupting production. Sudden failures are extremely unlikely.

High Torque Capabilities of Cyclo Drives

The high torque capabilities of cyclo drives are almost legendary, this enables compact drives to operate at very high power outputs 24/7 without difficulty. Traditional gearboxes and gear motors need to be much larger to achieve the same torque without failure.

High Reduction Ratios

Cyclo drives and gearmotors can achieve high reduction ratios in compact drives with minimal backlash. This makes them ideal for rapid start-stop-start applications and precise control of conveyors and other feed equipment. They can also be installed in smaller spaces than conventional drives of the same power output.


Versatility is the key word when describing cyclo gear motors and cyclo speed reducers. Drives can be mounted vertically or horizontally, with a comprehensive range of installation options to suit different applications. Because they can absorb enormous stress and also deliver very high performance at efficiency levels of 90%, they can be used in almost any gear motor or speed reducer application.

Compatible With Other Brands

The Transcyko 6000 series operate reliably and efficiently under significant torque loads at high reduction ratios, making them a logical choice for electrical power generation. In addition, the Transcyko 6000 series is cross-compatible with Sumitomo cyclo drives for installation configuration, parts and maintenance. Transcyko 6000 series cycloidal gearmotors and speed reducers offer a cost-effective alternative to Sumitomo drives without the need to change existing systems, and we offer full parts and servicing support for Sumitomo cyclo drives from our experienced technical and design support team.

Excellence in Quality & Service

At Transcyko we design, manufacture and test our cycloidal drives in-house, with full control of the entire production process. As a vertically integrated cycloidal drive manufacturer we do not rely on outsourced components and are able to maintain excellent quality standards due to our sophisticated testing systems.

Our long experience in cycloidal drive manufacturing has been developed through a process of customer feedback that inspires our designs and our support systems. This means that we are always ready to discuss how we can meet any technical challenge, and have almost certainly already met similar challenges. We pride ourselves on our availability and responsiveness to customer needs.