Cyclo Speed Reducer

Cycloidal 600 Series

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Compact Durable Design

Our cyclo housing are made of gray cast iron FC25, above 620 are FCD 45. Power transmitting components are made from bearing grade steel SUJ2 that is hardened and ground.

Cyclo Drive Manufacturer

  • Redesigned teeth reduce noise and provide smoother operation,
  • Overload capacity up to 500%,
  • Cycloidal tooth profile provides a high contact ratio to withstand overload shocks,
  • Compact size: single ratio available from 6:1 to 119:1, double stage up to 7569:1 & triple stage up to almost 1 000 000:1,
  • Ideal for dynamic applications: frequent start-stop-reversing duties suits for cyclo speed reducer since inertia is low,
  • Reduced TCO: high reliability, long life, minimal maintenance compared to conventional gearboxes,
  • Internal parts replaceable with other brands to ensure 24-7 running
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Cyclo Drive Features

  • Grease Lubricated & Oil Lubricated Models Available,
  • Output Shaft Rotation Direction: Single Reduction: Clockwise Rotation; Double Reduction→ Counter Clockwise Rotation,
  • Ambient Conditions: Indoor Installation:10-40 Celsius, Max 85% Humidity, Under 1000m Altitude, Well Ventilated Environment, Free of corrosive, explosive gases, vapors and dust,
  • Slow Speed Shaft Direction: Horizontal, Vertical Up & Down, Universal Direction,
  • Mounting Style: Foot Mount, Flange Mount & Vertical F-flange Mount,
  • Input Connection: Cyclo Integral Motor, Hollow Input Shaft Adapter, C-face Adapter, Top Mount, Shovel Bases,
  • Frame Size: 607-627,
  • Ratio: 6~658503,
  • Coupling Method With Driven Machine: Coupling, Gears,
    Chain Sprocket Or Belt,
  • Teco Cyclo Motor Capacity Range: 0.2kW X 4p ~ 75kW X 4p;
    15kW X 6p~132kW X 6p

Cyclo Drive Speed Reducer Applications

View of an Airplane on the tarmac with a walkway attached that is using a TRanscyko speed reducer for movement control
Water treatment plant aerial view to show how the plant used Transcyko speed reducers and gearboxes in their control systems

Cyclo Drives - Airport logistics

  • Baggage Handling System
  • Baggage Landing Truck
  • Boarding Bridge

Cyclo Drives - Chemical Industry

  • Mixing Drum
  • Pumps
  • Agitators
  • Drying Drum

Cyclo Drives - Water Treatment

  • Waste Treatment
  • Waste Disposal
  • Food / Beverage Manufacturing Mining
  • Textile Industry

Transcyko International Sales Manager

Cyclo Drives Introduction

Speed Reducer Manufacturer

High Precision & Quality Controlled Production

We are the most established speed reducer brand in Taiwan with over 30 years’ experience manufacturing speed reducers and gearboxes for our customers. We cooperate closely with the ITRIO (Industrial Technology Research institute) on the design and development of our production and quality processes.

We are constantly working with the Institute to develop new testing and production methodologies which will allow us to have highly detailed and efficient speed reducer quality control.

The ITRI analyzed a range of factors during the process which included: lost motion, backlash, rated frequency as well as other key indicators. Their research projects with us have been highly detailed and the analysis allows us to constantly update our methodologies.

Close up 3D coordinate measurement

Speed Reducer product measurement

Speed reducer manufacturing machinery

Speed Reducer exhibition in USA

Speed Reducer gear cutting machine

Speed reducer precision machining drilling

Speed Reducer Factory manufacturers machinery

Gear Reducer factory in Nanjing China


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